Rinjinling Trek

Requirement: 6 people minimum

Duration: 2 Days, 1 Night

Price: 3500 per person (includes tents, Food and Porters)

  • The trek to Rinjinling Mountain is an easy one where you can spend mostly 2 days and 1 night. The destination sits atop a mountain surrounded by beautiful sceneries from all side. You will enter the Dorjeeling Village first and start the trek from there.
  • Mr. Gebu Sona, owner of Gayboo’s Traditional Lodge and Homestay himself is a guide but he also has other guides under him who takes tourists in these treks.

    You must discuss the terms and conditions, including prices for tent, food and porters before going on this trek. Once you have discussed all the things mentioned above, leave everything to Mr. Gebu Sona to make your trek comfortable and fun.

    If you take a guide from GTL Homestay, Mr. Gebu Sona will make the arrangements to drive you and the other trekkers to the Dorjeeling Village by road. A pit stop at a house in Dorjeeling, owned by a close friend of Mr. Gebu Sona, where you can get ready for your trek and that’s the start of your walking route.

    The trek start by walking past the beautiful village of Dorjeeling. In summer, it will be filled with millet fields and a wonderland in winter with beautiful golden grasses, dried wooden fences with little green vegetation.

    The beautiful village of Dorjeeling

    As you walk a good 2 kms of the plains, you will finally reach the foothills of the mountains and will need to climb the mountains for 2 hours till you reach your destination.

    The view of Dorjeeling village halfway through the climb

    As you ascend, you will first get the views of the Dorjeeling village, it’s little fields and streams. By the time you will reach your destination you will see the mesmerizing views surrounded from all sides. The Mechuka Town in front of you, the Dorjeeling Village to your right, the snow peaked (winter) or foggy mountains (summer) to your left and an undulating mountains and forests on your back.

    View from Rinjinling: A beautiful Sunset

    After taking in the mesmerizing views, the guide and helpers will set up your tent and you can rest for a while. There are little shed houses on the back of the mountain. One is closer to our mountain and is owned by the old gentleman whose house you made a pit stop. The guide and porters will make lunch in the old gentleman’s house and bring back to you, or you can accompany them to the house and have lunch there, if you are not exhausted.

    Lunch in this Little Wooden Shed House

    After having lunch, you can come back to your tent, the guide will make a bonfire and you can just chill or roast potatoes, meat anything you like. The helpers will do anything you ask them. When evening falls, the helpers will go back to the house to make dinner, you can sit near the fire or accompany with them. It’s all your wish. You can just listen to songs, drink wine, tell your stories, get friendly with your group or play games with your friends.

    Night Scenes In Rinjinling

    You can star gaze too for endless hours if you are lucky to have a full moon night. Otherwise it will be foggy or dark depending on the weather.

    After having dinner, brought back from the house, you can go back to your tent and have a good night sleep or you can continue with your stories.

    Early morning, get out of your tent and have a look around, you will find the morning sun rays hitting you first when the Mechuka town is still sleepy and under the fog. It’s like starring a sea of fog and it’s utterly beautiful. It’s the best thing you will see in your whole day.

    The beautiful Village of Dorjeeling from Rinjinling

    You can take photographs of the foggy town, the rising sun or stare at it till the fog disappears and you can finally see the Town again. It will leave you speechless.

    Before and After Photos of The Mechuka Town from Rinjinling covered with Fog

    After having tea, the helpers will pack up and it will be time to bid this gorgeous place good bye.

    While returning, you can have breakfast back in the Dorjeeling house, ghee chai (tea) is a specialty, you might even get lucky with Chaang (traditional Memba wine).

    Ghee chai

    This trek is perfect and worth going as you get to see Mechuka all in it’s glory, glittering like jewels. The beauty that it beholds can’t be express with words, one has to indulge in going on this trek to see for themselves.

    Travel Tips:

      If you have all the things needed for a trek, like your own tent, food but just need a guide, you can hire a guide from Mr. Gebu Sona or ask around in the town. It’s great as it will cut down the prices to a thousand bucks.
      Making your own food won’t be a problem as there is plenty of space to make a fire right near your tent and prepare your own food.
      Carry a torch light/chargeable lamp and plenty of water with you as you have to climb a mountain to get to the nearest stream.
      Carry Warm Clothes.