Menchuka Laa Trek

Duration: 1 day

Price: 1000 rs for a Guide

This Trek is the easiest one among the other treks one can do in Mechuka. It’s more of sightseeing and trekking.

If you need a guide, Mr Gebu Sona can provide a guide for a day. It will cost around 1000 rs.

The trek starts from the Bumjipanga bridge near the Yargyapchu Homestay located on the river bank.

The Bumjipanga Bridge

It takes about 3 hours to climb to the top of the Dorjeeling Mountain and two hours to return. One specialty of this trek is the Huge “MENCHUKA” sign that is inscribed at the top. The sign is made of concrete and painted in white to be visible from anywhere.

The Huge Sign seen from the Town

You can see this sign anywhere from the town. So it’s necessary to check this one out up close.

Views in Summer and Autumn

The sceneries are beautiful throughout the year. You can get a 360 view of the Mechuka Town. It’s very beautiful from up there. Green in summer, golden in autumn and white in winter, this trek doesn’t disappoint.

View of the Town in Summer

The Letter A of the Sign

  • In summer, the grasses will be waist length and it is necessary to carry things like salt, lighter to get rid of the leeches which one will find in every step.

One should also carry warm clothes and raincoats as it rains in Summer.

  • In autumn, the grasses will dry up giving the mountains a virtually barren look. You can trek up to the mountains without any worry of rain and leeches. In this time of year the town glitters from above.

The view of the Town in Autumn

The temperature is pleasantly warm during the day time but warm clothes are a must.

  • In winter, it will be covered in snow. Usually the treks are closed during winter due to snow. If you insist, the guide can manage something.

Note: It’s not possible to camp, as the mountains are very steep and there is no nearby water source.

Travel Tips:

1. Carry warm clothes

2. Wear comfortable shoes

3. Carry raincoats (summer)

4. Carry plenty of water.