Go on a Hike from Dorjeeling Village to Mechuka Town

A tiny charming village, Dorjeeling is just across a few mountains from the Mechuka Town. The village is beautiful with few houses and a Gompa of it’s own. Unending plains with horses running freely is a sight to see. Millet and vegetables are abundantly grown here.

The charming Village of Dorjeeling

There are two ways to reach this village:

1.By road: After leaving the Mechuka Town and crossing the Bumjipanga bridge turn Right and drive till you see the village.

2.Hiking the Mountains of Dorjeeling.

Hike to cross the Mountains between Dorjeeling Village and Mechuka Town.

Duration: 1/2 Day

Most of the local people consider hiking the mountains of Dorjeeling to go from Mechuka to Dorjeeling and vice-versa.

Ascending the Mountains of Dorjeeling

It mostly takes 30-60 minutes depending the amount you rest in between.

From Mechuka Town: The hike starts from the Bumjipanga bridge where you will take the little road up the mountains.

From Dorjeeling Village: The hike starts from a Hanging Bridge and taking the well marked road up the mountains.

The view of Dorjeeling Village from above

As you climb the first mountain you will be baffled to see an entire bowl shape area in between the mountains. You will find forests and ponds on the way.

Trail marks with beautiful golden grasses

Many locals will be seen coming from the market to their homes in the evening. As you reach the last mountain of the hike from Dorjeeling Village you will get glimpses of Mechuka Town from high above. It’s very beautiful from above and a hike to cross to these mountains is great way to know the place.

The town of Mechuka from Dorjeeling mountains

Note: The trail marks for this hike is same from Mechuka Town and Dorjeeling Village.

Another way to reach Dorjeeling Village is by road

Tips for the Hike:

1. Carry water to keep yourself hydrated.

2. Wear warm clothes.

3. In summer, wear raincoats or waterproof jackets.

4. In summer, carry a pinch of salt or a lighter to keep out the leeches.

5. Wear comfortable shoes (the hike get very steep in some places).