What to Do and See In Mechuka Town

Mechuka Town is a small one but there is plenty of things to do and see around the the Town. A tour of the picturesque landscape of the town will surely leave you stunned. Pretty little shops and restaurants will keep your evenings interesting. In this article we will tell you all about the things you can do and see in Mechuka Town.

Top 8 Things to Do and See In Mechuka Town

1. Visit the New Gompa (Samden Choelling Monastery)

The New Gompa sits atop the mountain just outside the town. The pleasant 2 km walk from the town to the Gompa will refresh you. It is very peaceful in the Gompa and hardly crowded. You will get to see the entire town from the top. The views are amazing from the Gompa. You can also trek to this Gompa and walk side by side with Nature.

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2. Try to walk straight on the Hanging Bridges

Mechuka Town resides along side the mighty Yargyap Chu river. Numerous Hanging Bridges connect the Town to it’s nearby villages. It can be scary at first but once you get over the fear you will feel amazing. The bridges are long, made of wood and can be quite an experience.

3. Stroll around the Town

The Town of Mechuka is a charming one with beautiful landscapes to fill your eyes. Just strolling around this quiet town is a sightseeing in itself. The beautiful wooden houses with it’s brightly colored roofs are very aesthetic. Every House in Mechuka Town is build with timber each slightly different from the other one but equally adorable. The cheerful vibes of this town and countryside will make you want to leave everything and settle down here.

4. Indulge in Delicious Food

There are many restaurants in the Town and it’s mandatory go restaurant hopping. Most of the restaurants serves momos and noodles. Our editor’s top picks are

a) Yeshi Restaurant: A fancy little restaurant along the Mechuka Airstrip. The interior is warm and pleasant. Momos and Noodles are the best in this restaurant.

b) A Bengali Restaurant in the heart of the town, opposite to the State Bank is the only Indian restaurant you will find in the Town. Rice thali, snacks like samosas and Indian sweets are available here. If you are craving Indian food in this heavily Tibetan influenced Town, this restaurant is your go to.

c) Samden Restaurant: It’s very cold in Mechuka and you need a hot cup of tea with hot Pakodas to spice up your evening. Samden Restaurant is the only one in the town to serve hot Pakodas with delicious spicy red chutney.

5. Go Shopping

Be it shopping for warm clothes, souvenirs to take home or traditional wine, the little town of Mechuka has much to offer. The little clothing shops sell traditional to fancy clothes. GTL Souvenir Shop is the best one to shop for gifts and souvenirs in the town. There are many wine shops too in the town.

6. Go Fishing

One can go Fishing on the river bank of Yargyap Chu. You can buy fishing rods at the market place or make your own traditional bamboo fishing rods. There are plenty of bamboo sticks along the river bank, you can make one right there on the river bank.

7. Play Football with the Local kids

Football is huge in Mechuka, every one from a kid to adult play football in Mechuka. Kids wearing their favorite jerseys with big smiles heading towards to the field is a sight to see. The plains near the river bank is filled with boys playing football in the evening. Mechuka also has a football club of it’s own and take part in competitions held nearby.

8. Stay overnight on the River Island (Camping)

Want to stay in your own private river island? You can spend a night on the gorgeous river island in Mechuka which becomes accessible during winter. Witness the mighty snow peaked mountains along side the gentle flow of Yargyap Chu river. To make your stay more memorable, camp under a sky full of stars with bonfire and barbecue.

Hope this article will help you plan your perfect getaway to this little heaven in Arunachal Pradesh. For queries and booking go to our contact page.