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Go on a Hike from Dorjeeling Village to Mechuka Town

A tiny charming village, Dorjeeling is just across a few mountains from the Mechuka Town. The village is beautiful with few houses and a Gompa of it’s own. Unending plains with horses running freely is a sight to see. Millet and vegetables are abundantly grown here.

The charming Village of Dorjeeling

There are two ways to reach this village:

1.By road: After leaving the Mechuka Town and crossing the Bumjipanga bridge turn Right and drive till you see the village.

2.Hiking the Mountains of Dorjeeling.

Hike to cross the Mountains between Dorjeeling Village and Mechuka Town.

Duration: 1/2 Day

Most of the local people consider hiking the mountains of Dorjeeling to go from Mechuka to Dorjeeling and vice-versa.

Ascending the Mountains of Dorjeeling

It mostly takes 30-60 minutes depending the amount you rest in between.

From Mechuka Town: The hike starts from the Bumjipanga bridge where you will take the little road up the mountains.

From Dorjeeling Village: The hike starts from a Hanging Bridge and taking the well marked road up the mountains.

The view of Dorjeeling Village from above

As you climb the first mountain you will be baffled to see an entire bowl shape area in between the mountains. You will find forests and ponds on the way.

Trail marks with beautiful golden grasses

Many locals will be seen coming from the market to their homes in the evening. As you reach the last mountain of the hike from Dorjeeling Village you will get glimpses of Mechuka Town from high above. It’s very beautiful from above and a hike to cross to these mountains is great way to know the place.

The town of Mechuka from Dorjeeling mountains

Note: The trail marks for this hike is same from Mechuka Town and Dorjeeling Village.

Another way to reach Dorjeeling Village is by road

Tips for the Hike:

1. Carry water to keep yourself hydrated.

2. Wear warm clothes.

3. In summer, wear raincoats or waterproof jackets.

4. In summer, carry a pinch of salt or a lighter to keep out the leeches.

5. Wear comfortable shoes (the hike get very steep in some places).

What to Do and See In Mechuka Town

Mechuka Town is a small one but there is plenty of things to do and see around the the Town. A tour of the picturesque landscape of the town will surely leave you stunned. Pretty little shops and restaurants will keep your evenings interesting. In this article we will tell you all about the things you can do and see in Mechuka Town.

Top 8 Things to Do and See In Mechuka Town

1. Visit the New Gompa (Samden Choelling Monastery)

The New Gompa sits atop the mountain just outside the town. The pleasant 2 km walk from the town to the Gompa will refresh you. It is very peaceful in the Gompa and hardly crowded. You will get to see the entire town from the top. The views are amazing from the Gompa. You can also trek to this Gompa and walk side by side with Nature.

Click here to read all about the Trekking to Old Gompa.

2. Try to walk straight on the Hanging Bridges

Mechuka Town resides along side the mighty Yargyap Chu river. Numerous Hanging Bridges connect the Town to it’s nearby villages. It can be scary at first but once you get over the fear you will feel amazing. The bridges are long, made of wood and can be quite an experience.

3. Stroll around the Town

The Town of Mechuka is a charming one with beautiful landscapes to fill your eyes. Just strolling around this quiet town is a sightseeing in itself. The beautiful wooden houses with it’s brightly colored roofs are very aesthetic. Every House in Mechuka Town is build with timber each slightly different from the other one but equally adorable. The cheerful vibes of this town and countryside will make you want to leave everything and settle down here.

4. Indulge in Delicious Food

There are many restaurants in the Town and it’s mandatory go restaurant hopping. Most of the restaurants serves momos and noodles. Our editor’s top picks are

a) Yeshi Restaurant: A fancy little restaurant along the Mechuka Airstrip. The interior is warm and pleasant. Momos and Noodles are the best in this restaurant.

b) A Bengali Restaurant in the heart of the town, opposite to the State Bank is the only Indian restaurant you will find in the Town. Rice thali, snacks like samosas and Indian sweets are available here. If you are craving Indian food in this heavily Tibetan influenced Town, this restaurant is your go to.

c) Samden Restaurant: It’s very cold in Mechuka and you need a hot cup of tea with hot Pakodas to spice up your evening. Samden Restaurant is the only one in the town to serve hot Pakodas with delicious spicy red chutney.

5. Go Shopping

Be it shopping for warm clothes, souvenirs to take home or traditional wine, the little town of Mechuka has much to offer. The little clothing shops sell traditional to fancy clothes. GTL Souvenir Shop is the best one to shop for gifts and souvenirs in the town. There are many wine shops too in the town.

6. Go Fishing

One can go Fishing on the river bank of Yargyap Chu. You can buy fishing rods at the market place or make your own traditional bamboo fishing rods. There are plenty of bamboo sticks along the river bank, you can make one right there on the river bank.

7. Play Football with the Local kids

Football is huge in Mechuka, every one from a kid to adult play football in Mechuka. Kids wearing their favorite jerseys with big smiles heading towards to the field is a sight to see. The plains near the river bank is filled with boys playing football in the evening. Mechuka also has a football club of it’s own and take part in competitions held nearby.

8. Stay overnight on the River Island (Camping)

Want to stay in your own private river island? You can spend a night on the gorgeous river island in Mechuka which becomes accessible during winter. Witness the mighty snow peaked mountains along side the gentle flow of Yargyap Chu river. To make your stay more memorable, camp under a sky full of stars with bonfire and barbecue.

Hope this article will help you plan your perfect getaway to this little heaven in Arunachal Pradesh. For queries and booking go to our contact page.

An ultimate guide to the Major Sightseeing Places in Mechuka Valley

Mechuka is a picturesque town in the remote West Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh. This charming little bowl shaped valley is surrounded by mountains and is a must visit place.

Many tourists just wrap up their stay by hanging around the town and visiting the New Gompa (Samden Choelling Gompa) but there is more to the valley just than the town. The Valley has many beautiful places just outside the town.

The Ultimate guide to the major sightseeing places in Mechuka.

1. Visit the last village, Tongkor La of Mechuka Valley

One must visit this place, Tongkor La the last village of Mechuka Town where the road disappear into the mountains. The village is a tiny one with only 4-5 houses and a small Gompa. The mountains feels like rolling forever, coloring the valley with green in summer, a beautiful golden in the winter and a white wonderland in peak winter.

How to Get there: Rent a bike/car

Direction: Mechuka Town-Segong Village-Take the right- Follow the Tongkor La Distance Sign on your right

2. Take a bike/car ride through the scenic pine forests from Mechuka to Segong village

The road from the Mechuka town to Segong village is a beautiful one. Segong is 9 kms from The Town. When you leave the town, the road changes dramatically, first comes the beautiful plains on each side. Then as one leaves the plains, beautiful tall pine forests on either side can be seen. The road has a ghost like feeling given it is very secluded, not a single soul or any other vehicle can be seen or heard which makes this ride very captivating.

How to Get There: Rent a bike/car

Direction: Mechuka Town-Segong-Tongkor La

3. Get an up close of the Indo-China Border, Yarlung View

Mechuka is very close to the Indo-China Border, around 30 kms from the town. Yarlung is the last stop/checkpoint and this is as far one can go. Tourists can hang around the checkpoint. If you still want to see the border, one can fill up some special paperwork in the ADC office in Mechuka Town. After submitting the paperwork, you will be escorted by an army official to the border.

How to Get There: Rent a bike/car

Direction: Mechuka Town-Segong- Head straight-Follow the Yarlung Distance Sign

4. Search for the Hanuman Face

On the way to Yarlung, one can a huge face-like carved into the heart of a mountain. It is believed to be the face of Lord Hanuman, one of the many Gods in Hindu Mythology.

How to Get There: Rent a bike/car

Direction: Mechuka Town-Segong- Head straight-Follow the Hanuman Face Distance Sign

5. Dip your toes in the sacred water of Neh Pema Shelphu (Guruduwara)

One can also visit the Guruduwara on the way to Yarlung. The Guruduwara is maintained by the Army where they come to worship. There is a waterfall whose water is believed to be sacred by the people. People also believe the stones found in the river can tell a lot about one’s life.

How to Get There: Rent a bike/car

Direction: Mechuka Town-Segong- Head straight-Follow the Guruduwara Distance Sign

6. Visit the oldest Gompa in India, Samden Yangcha Monastery

This is a must visit place in Mechuka. The Gompa is located high in the mountains in the Segong village. It’s the oldest Gompa in India built around 16th century even older than the Tawang Monastery (b. 17th century). Take a car or trek from the Segong village to the Gompa. One can experience a beautiful trek to the Gompa with pine tree vegetation and the serenity of Mother Nature.

The Gompa has many Guru Padmasambhava statues and other statues. The views from the Gompa is also exceptional. One can see the Mechuka Town and Segong village from above.

How to Get There: Rent a bike/car or Trek

Direction: Mechuka Town-Segong- Take the first two right till you get to an Iron bridge-Head straight

7. Visit the charming Dorjeeling Village

One must visit this charming little village in Mechuka. One can go by the road or trek by crossing the Dorjeeling Mountain. The village is tiny compared to Mechuka Town. Millet, Peach vegetation and other varieties of vegetables can be seen grown in Dorjeeling. One can also trek to the beautiful Rinjinling mountains from Dorjeeling.

How to Get There: Rent a bike/car or Trek

Direction: Mechuka Town-Bumjipanga bridge-Dorjeeling Village

8. A tiny Gompa in Dorjeeling, Dorjeeling Gompa

This tiny Gompa, is in the Dorjeeling Village at the end of the village. The people of Dorjeeling come here to worship. The Gompa is surrounded by plains and pine forests. It is a must visit if you go to Dorjeeling.

How to Get There: Rent a bike/car

Direction: Mechuka Town-Bumjipanga bridge-Dorjeeling Village

Trek to the Oldest Gompa In Arunachal Pradesh

Pine vegetation seen on the way

One of the major tourist attraction in Mechuka is the old Gompa, Samden Yangcha Monastery which is even older than the famous Tawang Monastery.

The Yargyap Chu river flowing through the plains

The Samden Yangcha Monastery was built 400 years, in the 16th century. The Monastery is about 14 kms from the Town of Mechuka. It is located in the small village of Segong.

The rear view of the Monastery

The village of Segong

The Monastery sits atop the mountains and can be seen before entering the village. One can take an SUV from the town and ride to the top of the mountains. Or one can trek from the Iron bridge at the foothills of the mountains to enjoy the beautiful pine vegetation and the seclusion. It’s totally isolated and very peaceful.

Samden Yangcha Monastery

After walking for an hour, you will finally see the rear view of the Monastery. When you reach the Monastery the views are breathtaking. You can see the town of Mechuka with river Yargyap Chu flowing through. You can also see the entire route of Mechuka to Segong village, on the right.

Beautiful statues inside the Monastery

Inside the Monastery many beautiful statues of Guru Padmasambhava can be seen. The two storied Monastery also has many ancient evil mythological statues. You can light incense sticks and donate some money in the donation box.

The quarters of the Monks

The entire Monastery has one care taker. You can also see the quarters of Monks on the left side of the Monastery, where the Monks stays on religious days to perform rituals or to come pray in the Monastery.

Note: No other people or any tourists are allowed to go inside the quarters. It’s strictly prohibited.

Travel Tips:

1. Carry water.

2. There is only one shop in the entire village of Segong, you can buy snacks and water from the shop.

3. Wear warm clothes.

4. Wear comfortable shoes.

Why GTL Homestay is the best place to stay while in Mechuka

It’s been noted in our “Best Homestay in Mechuka” page that Hotels are not available in the Town. Many people has taken this opportunity to build their own Homestay to provide the tourists with comfort in a home away from home.

Our number one priority is to provide our readers any information they are seeking and help them out with anything regarding Mechuka. We are solely devoted to our readers and work towards providing genuine information and solve your queries.

We ourselves have tried and tested so we can help you out. All the informations given in this article is genuine.

Our editor’s favorite choice of stay in Mechuka is the Gayboo’s Traditional Lodge and Homestay in the heart of the town. Mr. Gebu Sona and his wife owns this Homestay. They are truly a generous host, providing comfort and entertaining their guests.

Gayboo’s Traditional Lodge and Homestay

The ‘Golden Suite‘ in GTL

The charming decor

Mr. Gebu Sona and his wife

Apart from the beautiful traditional Homestay with wooden houses made in traditional Memba style and all the modern amenities one can ask for in this remote town in Arunachal, GTL also makes sure that their guests have the time of their life while staying with many entertainment and adventure activities.

Room Tariff starts from 1500 Rs.

We will be listing the many activities/services and their prices below one can partake while staying in GTL.

  • Services provided by GTL:

  • Rental bike/Scooty

  • Rental Taxi

  • Permits (ILP and PAP)

*You can rent a Bike or Scooty for sightseeing in Mechuka.

Rental Price: 1000 Rs/day


GTL owner Mr. Gebu Sona himself is a renowned guide and has traveled India extensively. He makes sure all his guests can make the best of their stay by arranging sightseeing and providing guides.

One cannot miss the beautiful places in and around Mechuka, which can be arranged by GTL in a reasonable price.

Sightseeing that one can go in Mechuka:

Yarlung view (China border)

Hanuman Face

Neh Pema Shelphu (Guruduwara)

Mengang Village View

Lhallung Village View

Neh Chandon Takp (Pilgrimage)

Tongkor la View

Neh Pema Jelling

Samden Yangcha Monastery (Old Gompa)

Samden Choelling Monastery (New Gompa)

Menchuka Map

Darjeeling Gompa

All the sightseeing mentioned above can be done in two days. Mr Gebu Sona will arrange a car and a guide for the tourists.

*The Yarlung View mentioned in the sightseeing is just the entrance. The tourist are prohibited to go any further. If you want to see the Indo-China border, permits can be taken from the ADC office in Mechuka, once received the required paperwork the Army will escort you to the the border.

Price for sightseeing: 5000 Rs/day

  • Trekking

GTL Homestay also takes very good care of the adventurers who are looking for adventures in untouched trails. Mr Gebu Sona will arrange everything from guides, helpers to food so you can spend more time with Mother Nature while the helpers will set up everything on your trek.

Mechuka is a hub for the adventurer and there are so many to choose from.

Requirements for all the Treks:

6 people minimum

Price: 3500/day (includes tents, guide and food)

*If you bring your tent and food, GTL will provide a guide at the rate of 1000/day

Below is a list of all the treks one can go in Mechuka. The treks are listed according to the level of difficulty from easiest to hardest.

Mechuka La Trek

Duration: 1 day (no camping required)

Level: Easy

The trek provides exceptional views of the town and also get an up close to the huge “MENCHUKA” sign that is seen from the town.

Ugin Dukp Cave Trek

Duration: 1 day

Level: Easy

Ugin Dukp Cave is a religious cave of the People of Mechuka.

Rinjinling Trek and Phukp Khana Cave

Duration: 2 Days and 1 night

Level : Easy

The beautiful Rinjinling mountains provides magnificent views of the Mechuka Valley. Trek to Phukp Khana Cave to get a glimpse of the religious cave.

Neh Saran Trek

Duration: 2 Days and 1 Night

Level: Easy

A holly cave near the Guruduwara, the cave has a big religious stone at the center which makes the sound of drums when touched by hands or hit softly. Many people come here to collect stones and water from this holy place.

Pasang Sonam Tso Lake and Pansang Tso Lake Trekking

Duration: 3 Days and 2 Nights

Level: Medium (Difficult during snow season)

This high altitude fresh water lake is one of the beautiful lakes in Arunachal Pradesh. Flowers in spring and a frozen lake in winter, truly a winter wonderland. Pansang Tso Lake is another lake nearby which takes an extra day of trekking to reach. Why not visit another one when you come so far?

Tokak La Trek

Duration: 4 Days and 3 Nights

Level: Medium

This trek is a beautiful one in summer and spring time when the rhododendron flowers, also locally known as Langangshope will be in full bloom. The Eastern Himalayan Range can also be seen during the trek.

Damjin La Trek

Duration: 6 Days and 5 Nights

Level: Difficult

This trek is well known for it’s beautiful valley of flowers.

Shingyongla Trek

Duration: 8 Days and 7 Nights

Level: Difficult

The trek is famous for it’s valley of flowers and the three beautiful lakes you will come across.

  • Lhakpa Chupala Camping (River Island Camping)

River Island Camping sounds so much fun. Lhakpa Chupala is just situated outside the town where you can camp out for a night. You can bring your own tent to this island or GTL can provide one. The best way to experience this is an overnight stay with Bonfire/barbecue and good music.


6 people minimum

Price: 2000/person (includes food and tent)

*If you bring your own tent, the price will be 1000/person.

  • Outdoor Activities in GTL:

There are many outdoor activities one can indulge in GTL. They are:


◦ Horse riding

◦ Archery

◦ River Rafting

  • Cultural Night at GTL

If you are keen to learn about the culture of the Mechuka people, Mr Gebu Sona can arrange a cultural night which includes food, music and dance.

We hope this article will help you plan a perfect holiday trip to Mechuka.

Menchuka Laa Trek

Duration: 1 day

Price: 1000 rs for a Guide

This Trek is the easiest one among the other treks one can do in Mechuka. It’s more of sightseeing and trekking.

If you need a guide, Mr Gebu Sona can provide a guide for a day. It will cost around 1000 rs.

The trek starts from the Bumjipanga bridge near the Yargyapchu Homestay located on the river bank.

The Bumjipanga Bridge

It takes about 3 hours to climb to the top of the Dorjeeling Mountain and two hours to return. One specialty of this trek is the Huge “MENCHUKA” sign that is inscribed at the top. The sign is made of concrete and painted in white to be visible from anywhere.

The Huge Sign seen from the Town

You can see this sign anywhere from the town. So it’s necessary to check this one out up close.

Views in Summer and Autumn

The sceneries are beautiful throughout the year. You can get a 360 view of the Mechuka Town. It’s very beautiful from up there. Green in summer, golden in autumn and white in winter, this trek doesn’t disappoint.

View of the Town in Summer

The Letter A of the Sign

  • In summer, the grasses will be waist length and it is necessary to carry things like salt, lighter to get rid of the leeches which one will find in every step.

One should also carry warm clothes and raincoats as it rains in Summer.

  • In autumn, the grasses will dry up giving the mountains a virtually barren look. You can trek up to the mountains without any worry of rain and leeches. In this time of year the town glitters from above.

The view of the Town in Autumn

The temperature is pleasantly warm during the day time but warm clothes are a must.

  • In winter, it will be covered in snow. Usually the treks are closed during winter due to snow. If you insist, the guide can manage something.

Note: It’s not possible to camp, as the mountains are very steep and there is no nearby water source.

Travel Tips:

1. Carry warm clothes

2. Wear comfortable shoes

3. Carry raincoats (summer)

4. Carry plenty of water.

Rinjinling Trek

Requirement: 6 people minimum

Duration: 2 Days, 1 Night

Price: 3500 per person (includes tents, Food and Porters)

  • The trek to Rinjinling Mountain is an easy one where you can spend mostly 2 days and 1 night. The destination sits atop a mountain surrounded by beautiful sceneries from all side. You will enter the Dorjeeling Village first and start the trek from there.
  • Mr. Gebu Sona, owner of Gayboo’s Traditional Lodge and Homestay himself is a guide but he also has other guides under him who takes tourists in these treks.

    You must discuss the terms and conditions, including prices for tent, food and porters before going on this trek. Once you have discussed all the things mentioned above, leave everything to Mr. Gebu Sona to make your trek comfortable and fun.

    If you take a guide from GTL Homestay, Mr. Gebu Sona will make the arrangements to drive you and the other trekkers to the Dorjeeling Village by road. A pit stop at a house in Dorjeeling, owned by a close friend of Mr. Gebu Sona, where you can get ready for your trek and that’s the start of your walking route.

    The trek start by walking past the beautiful village of Dorjeeling. In summer, it will be filled with millet fields and a wonderland in winter with beautiful golden grasses, dried wooden fences with little green vegetation.

    The beautiful village of Dorjeeling

    As you walk a good 2 kms of the plains, you will finally reach the foothills of the mountains and will need to climb the mountains for 2 hours till you reach your destination.

    The view of Dorjeeling village halfway through the climb

    As you ascend, you will first get the views of the Dorjeeling village, it’s little fields and streams. By the time you will reach your destination you will see the mesmerizing views surrounded from all sides. The Mechuka Town in front of you, the Dorjeeling Village to your right, the snow peaked (winter) or foggy mountains (summer) to your left and an undulating mountains and forests on your back.

    View from Rinjinling: A beautiful Sunset

    After taking in the mesmerizing views, the guide and helpers will set up your tent and you can rest for a while. There are little shed houses on the back of the mountain. One is closer to our mountain and is owned by the old gentleman whose house you made a pit stop. The guide and porters will make lunch in the old gentleman’s house and bring back to you, or you can accompany them to the house and have lunch there, if you are not exhausted.

    Lunch in this Little Wooden Shed House

    After having lunch, you can come back to your tent, the guide will make a bonfire and you can just chill or roast potatoes, meat anything you like. The helpers will do anything you ask them. When evening falls, the helpers will go back to the house to make dinner, you can sit near the fire or accompany with them. It’s all your wish. You can just listen to songs, drink wine, tell your stories, get friendly with your group or play games with your friends.

    Night Scenes In Rinjinling

    You can star gaze too for endless hours if you are lucky to have a full moon night. Otherwise it will be foggy or dark depending on the weather.

    After having dinner, brought back from the house, you can go back to your tent and have a good night sleep or you can continue with your stories.

    Early morning, get out of your tent and have a look around, you will find the morning sun rays hitting you first when the Mechuka town is still sleepy and under the fog. It’s like starring a sea of fog and it’s utterly beautiful. It’s the best thing you will see in your whole day.

    The beautiful Village of Dorjeeling from Rinjinling

    You can take photographs of the foggy town, the rising sun or stare at it till the fog disappears and you can finally see the Town again. It will leave you speechless.

    Before and After Photos of The Mechuka Town from Rinjinling covered with Fog

    After having tea, the helpers will pack up and it will be time to bid this gorgeous place good bye.

    While returning, you can have breakfast back in the Dorjeeling house, ghee chai (tea) is a specialty, you might even get lucky with Chaang (traditional Memba wine).

    Ghee chai

    This trek is perfect and worth going as you get to see Mechuka all in it’s glory, glittering like jewels. The beauty that it beholds can’t be express with words, one has to indulge in going on this trek to see for themselves.

    Travel Tips:

      If you have all the things needed for a trek, like your own tent, food but just need a guide, you can hire a guide from Mr. Gebu Sona or ask around in the town. It’s great as it will cut down the prices to a thousand bucks.
      Making your own food won’t be a problem as there is plenty of space to make a fire right near your tent and prepare your own food.
      Carry a torch light/chargeable lamp and plenty of water with you as you have to climb a mountain to get to the nearest stream.
      Carry Warm Clothes.

    Best Homestays in Mechuka Town

    Menchuka feels so remote and in the middle of wilderness it doesn’t come as a surprise to worry about the accommodations and facilities. But surprisingly, Mechuka is a very well to do town with numerous Homestays to choose from to make your stay comfortable and return home well fed with good hospitality from the gracious hosts.

    Hotels are not available. Registered Homestays and Government Inspection Bungalow is only available.

    Our Top Recommended Homestays in Mechuka Town.

    The Homestays listed below is based upon price; from the most expensive to the cheapest.

    1. Gayboo’s Traditional Lodge and Homestay

    One of our favorite and the most popular Homestay in the whole town. From modern room facilities (geyser, heater, T.V), helpful staffs, good food to the out doors activities provided by the generous host, Mr. Gebu Sona and his wife, Gayboo’s Homestay is the best, one can find in Mechuka.

    Double Room for family/couples with private bathroom and Single Beds with private bathroom and non attached bathroom is available.

    1. (A- Class room) Rs. 3000/ for couple Rs.3600.

    2. (B- cl.Room) Rs. 2500/ for couple Rs. 3100.

    3. (C – Cl.Room) Per head Rs. 1500 with non attached bathroom.

    This includes:

    Welcome Drinks, Breakfast, Dinner, Bonfire and Car Parking. On a side note, if you’re looking for a water softening system for your homestay, you want to check these 2019 water softener reviews and comparisons for further information. Booking details are available on the page linked before the break.

    Mr. Gebu Sona with his wife

    Paid Services:

    ◦ Laundry

    ◦ Taxi and Rental Bike/Scooty

    ◦ Local Travel Guide

    ◦ Trekking and other Outdoors Activities

    For Booking :

    Contact: 8723974925

    2. Yargyap chuu Home Stay

    Wake up to the sound of Yargyapchu River gently flowing from your bedroom in Yargya chuu Homestay. It is a beautiful Homestay owned by Mr. Lakpa Sona and furnished in traditional Memba style using pine wood.

    Take a sun bath in the spacious outdoor grass or sip a coffee while taking the views of Yargyachu river from your very own private balcony, Yargya chuu Homestay promises a beautiful and memorable stay.

    Room Tariff starts from 800 Rs to 2000 Rs.

    1. Double Room with private bathroom starts from 1000 Rs.

    2. Single Bed with private bathroom starts from 800 Rs.


    ◦ Bhukhari (Heater)

    ◦ T.V

    ◦ Hot Water

    ◦ Local, Indian and Chinese Dishes

    ◦ Car Parking

    ◦ Self Cooking and Roasting Facilities

    For Booking:

    Contact: 8723974925

    3. Grace Homestay

    Located in the heart of the town, near the police station, Grace Homestay is owned by Ms Y. Koje, a beautiful and comfortable Homestay.

    Room tariff starts from 800 rs for a single bed to 1200 Rs for a Double bed with private western and squat toilets.


    Breakfast, Dinner, Hot Water, T.V

    Ms. Y. Koje

    Note: Geyser and Heater is not available.

    For Booking:

    Contact : 8723974925

    4. Potala Homestay

    Potala Homestay is another Homestay opposite to the Police Station and is owned by Mr. Norbu Naksang.

    Room tariff starts from 800 to 1200 Rs for Single and Double Bed with a private squat and western toilet.


    Breakfast, Dinner, T.V, Geyser

    Mr. Norbu Naksang

    Note: Heater is not available.

    For Booking:

    Contact : 8723974925

    How to Reach Mechuka (Menchukha)

    How to reach Mechuka

    The valley of Mechuka is located at an altitude of 6000 meters in the West Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh near the Indo-China border. The border is at a distance of 30 kms away from the town of Mechuka. 

    There is no direct flight or train transport service to Mechuka. Tourists will first need to reach eitherGuwahati by bus/train/flight or direct fly to Dibrugarh


    Along serves as the closest main town at a distance of 180 kilometers from Mechuka however Pasighat(d. 300 kms) serves another important town as it is nearest to the Murkongselek Railway station


    Flights to Mechuka: There is no direct flights to Mechuka. You can fly to GuwahatiDibrugarh orPasighat and travel from Pasighat to Mechuka on Sumo.

    1. Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (Guwahati) : For both domestic and international tourists this airport serves a major purpose. The international tourists can travel from various countries and the domestic tourists can travel from any part of the state to Guwahati Airport and begin their journey to Mechuka. After flying in there are options of traveling by train or road to Mechuka. 


    1. Lilabari Airport in Dibrugarh: This airport is considered the nearest and important airport which is located in Assam (neighboring state) and you can fly in from different places. However, you have to cross the Bhramaputra River by ferry and take a bus to Silapathar and then Sumo to Pasighat. 


    1. Pasighat Airport: The  first commercial airport in Arunachal Pradesh has been opened recently in May, 2018. Tourists can book a direct flight to Pasighat on the Kolkata-Guwahati-Pasighat route. Now you can directly reach Pasighat from Kolkata and Guwahati. The Alliance Air will fly thrice a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 

    This has made the journey to Mechuka more bearable and soon will take over the road and train services to Pasighat which were the only way to reach Pasighat.

    Travel by Train: As Mechuka doesn’t have a railway station of itself there are a few trains that enters Arunachal Pradesh. There are mainly two railway services you can embark to reach as close as possible to Mechuka. 

    1. Naharlagun-New Delhi AC Express: If you are an international tourist, you can book a flight to Delhi, and catch the  Naharlagun-New Delhi AC Express train and reach Naharlagun. This super fast express train will make your journey super comfortable with fully air conditioned service. The journey starts from Delhi touching Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Assam and reaching Naharlagun after an average journey time of 39 hours. This direct train service is available once a week, so make sure to book your seats in advance.

    After reaching Naharlagun, you can take a   Private Sumo or Shared Sumo to Pasighat. From Pasighat, you can catch a Sumo and travel to Along first, then take another Sumo to Mechuka.

    1. Lachit Express: If you are traveling from Guwahati, Intercity Guwahati train plies on daily basis from Kamakhya Junction Railway Station to Murkongselek Railway Station which serves as the closest railway station to Pasighat which is at a distance of 36 kilometers. 

    After reaching Pasighat, you can catch a Sumo and travel to Along first, then take another Sumo to Mechuka.

    Roads to Mechuka: 


    As there is no direct train or flights to Mechuka, a one way road is only available from Pasighat to Mechuka. 


    There are two roads that can be taken to reach Mechuka:

    1. The most reliable and safe road is to first reach Pasighat through Ruskin Gate by any means train/flight/road and then travel to Along, from there you will be get direct Sumos to Mechuka. 
    2. This road is less undertaken and you have to pass through Likabali Gate first and pass Silabari and Daporijo reaching Along. From Along you can catch a direct Sumo to Mechuka.

    The first route is preferred to the second route due to good road conditions and transport services are very easily available. 


    Why Pasighat is a major destination while traveling to Mechuka?

    After reaching Arunachal Pradesh via train/flight/road Pasighat serves as the first major stoppage in order to reach Mechuka. No matter how you have reached Arunachal Pradesh, there is no other way. 


    If you are coming from Naharlagun or just reached the Murkongselek Railway station, your next stop is Pasighat.

    • Several shared Sumos and Private Sumos are available in Pasighat. Though shared Sumos doesn’t directly travel to Mechuka everyday, you can always catch the morning Sumo from Along which travels directly to Mechuka. 
    • Both Private and Shared Sumos are available from Along. 
    • It takes 8-10 hours to reach Mechuka from Along. 
    • Shared Sumos in Along  leaves daily from the Sumo Stand at 5.30 in the morning. As few Sumos leave for Mechuka every morning, it’s better not to miss it. 
    • The cost of ticket to travel to Mechuka in Shared Sumos is 500 rupees per person.

    Returning from Mechuka

    The only option available are Shared Sumo or a Private Sumo that leaves everyday in the morning.