Do you like traveling to remote, offbeat locations away from the hustle bustle of the city life? A place with envying picturesque landscapes with snow-capped mountains, lush greenery, surrounded by evergreen trees. A place of awe and shock where every view, every picture is breathtaking. Are you dying to get away to a place where you can completely detox yourself, to a place which is cut off from the rest of the world and only communication is real human communication or to escape the intolerable heat of summer or get your feet sink in the snow in winter, the magnificent valley of Menchuka is the place to go. 

About Mechuka

Menchuka, popularly known as Mechuka, is a Valley in Arunachal Pradesh near the Indo-China border. Also known the “Forbidden Valley of Arunachal Pradesh” Mechuka is one of the most remote and least visited place in the state, with scenic landscapes to go gaga over, mighty snow capped mountains and beautiful Yargyapchu river with it’s crystal clear water flowing through the valley will make you want to come back again and again to this beautiful, peaceful place.


Rest your weary head between adventures


Situated at an altitude of 6000 ms above sea level,


Mildly cold in summer and snows during winter.


Our #1 Recommendation Tips for tourists.

Mechuka Location

Situated at an altitude of 6000 ms above sea level, with only the Indo-China border away at a distance of 30 kilometers, Mechuka serves as the last largest town of Arunachal Pradesh after which comes McMohan border that separates Indian territory from China. 


Mechuka is mildly cold in summer and snows during winter. The best time to visit this gorgeous place is during October-March

Summer is not the most ideal time to visit Mechuka as you will encounter heavy rainfall and frequent landslides. Despite these common hurdles many chose to take up vacationing during summer as it is the ideal vacation time and also to get away from summer heat.

During the peak of winter, it snows in Mechuka so snow lovers can exploit this opportunity to the fullest with surrounding snow capped mountains to give you the much needed company.

Before you go...

Simple, essential travel Permit.


Permit is a must when you are traveling in Arunachal Pradesh. It is the only state in the North East India that requires PAP (Protected Area Permit) for foreign travelers and ILP (Inner Line Permit) for domestic travelers. You have to carry your permits whenever you go in Arunachal Pradesh. No exceptions. It can be real tiring to provide permits in every checkpoints and hotels you come across. You see that’s the reason why this state is the least visited in the whole country.

Now getting a Permit:

  • Protected Area Permit (PAP): This Permit is exclusive for international travelers and it costs 50$ per person for a duration of 30 days.
  • Inner Line Permit (ILP): This Permit is exclusive for Indian citizens and it costs 400 Rs per person for a duration of 30 days.

Online forms are available for applying Permits for International travelers which has to be filled and duly submitted at any of the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO).

You can also apply for offline permit in Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati (Assam) at the FRRO.

For domestic travelers you can apply permits at the Guwahati, Naharlagun and Gumo train stations.

Note: For traveling to Mechuka, permits are not available for solo foreigners so you must travel in a group or at least two people to obtain the permit.

If Permit is lost, please contact the nearest police station and apply for a new permit.

How to Reach Mechuka

Mechuka is 180 kilometers away from Along, and 450 kilometers away from the Dibrugarh Airport, Assam (nearest Airport).

  • By Air #1 If you fly into Guwahati, you can take a train or bus to reach Naharlagun and travel to Pasighat by Sumo. If you fly into Dibrugarh, you have to cross the Brahmaputra river on a ferry and take a bus/sumo to reach Silapathar first and then Pasighat by Sumo

There are two routes leading to Mechuka.

  1. One is accessible from Assam, one has to pass by the Likabali gate through Silabari and Daporijo reaching Along.

  2. Another one is Pasighat passing through Ruskin gate, reaching Along. Both the routes passes through Assam and leads to Along, but the second route is the most safest and preferred one as the road condition is very good and transportation is very easily available.

Where to stay

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What to See? - Major Tourist Attractions

The unexplored valley of Mechuka has recently been open to tourists, thanks to road connectivity, now people can finally get a taste of this magnificent valley. Before construction of roads, the only means of access to this town was a military airstrip that is used by the Indian Air Force to bring supplies to the town.

With the well connectivity now, Mechuka has become a hotspot for tourism for it’s breathtaking views, rivers, mountains and also for it’s historical and religious significance.

People from all around the world visit Mechuka for sightseeing and taking part in the adventures. Mechuka truly is one of a kind when it comes to leaving the tourist utterly mesmerized.

Sightseeing - Major Places to Visit

  • Samden Yangcha Monastery (Old Gompa)

One of the major tourist attraction in Mechuka, Samden Yangcha is a 400 years old Buddhist Monastery situated just outside the main town of Mechuka. Sitting on a Hilltop, many beautiful ancient statues of Guru Padmasambhava can be found in this monastery. This monastery is even older than the world famous Tawang Monastery.


  • Samden Choelling Monastery (New Gompa)

Situated on a Hilltop just at a walkable distance of 2 kilometers from the town, the New Gompa overlooks the town. The Monastery provides brilliant views of the entire town and watching the sunset from the Gomla is another bonus.


  • Dorjeeling Gompa

Situated in the nearby village of Dorjeeling, Dorjeeling Gompa boasts a huge statue of Buddha. This Gompa is 6 kilometers away from Mechuka.


  • Neh Pema Shelpu (Gurudwara)

Military presence is very strong in Mechuka, being very close to the China border. A Gurudwara, Neh Pema Shelpu serves as the worshipping place for the army soldiers. The Gurudwara is maintained by the army and is located outside the town at a distance of 12 kms.

Trekking and Camping

Mechuka is a hub for adventure junkies. Surrounded by mountains from all side, and river that flows though the valley, Mechuka provides a number of trekking and camping opportunities. One can go for mountain trekking, camping by the river side and also cave trekking.

  • Mechuka La Trekking:

This trek is the shortest and relativity an easy one. The trek starts right from the Bumjipanga bridge of the town towards the Dorjeeling Mountain and one can reach the top within a few hours. One can get a close up of the Majestic ‘Menchuka’ sign that is inscribed at the top of the mountain. The mountain also provides exceptional views of the town.

  • Tokak La Trekking and Camping

This trek plus camping can be done for a duration of 2-3 days. Easy to trek, rhododendron flowers also locally known as Langangshope will keep you company throughout your journey. The Eastern Himalayan Range can also be seen during the trek.

  • Lhakpa Chupalaa Trekking ( River Island Camping)

If you are already enthusiastic hearing River Island Camping, you will not be disappointed. The river island is situated in the middle of the Yargyapchu river and doesn’t need too much muscle work to reach. Campers can happily camp in this river island that offers beautiful sceneries of the nearby places. The best way to experience this riverside camp is bonfire and barbeque at night with great music against the background of soft Yargyapchu river flowing endlessly.

  • Pasang Sonam Tso Lake Trekking and Camping

One of the most beautiful lakes not only in Arunachal Pradesh but also in India. Trekking to this high altitude lake is an experience of a lifetime. Flowers and pine trees during summer and a frozen lake during winter, what else do you want?

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the lake and it’s surroundings.

Another lake, Pensang is only a two hour trek from the Pasang Sonam Tso Lake. You have come so far why not visit another beautiful lake?

  • Cave Trekking

If you love exploring Caves, Mechuka won’t disappoint you. You can go on two Cave trekking : Phukp Khana and Ugin Dukp.

Note: It’s best if you get a local guide to take you on these trekkings, it can get sensitive as the Indo-China border is very close.

Mechuka Adventure Festival

Every year during the month of November, Mechuka Adventure Festival is held here. Adventure lovers rush to this Festival to test and challenge themselves in the different adrenaline pumping activities that are the highlights of the Festival. From river rafting to paragliding in the vast Himalayan Range, Mechuka Adventure Festival promises an experience of a lifetime.

One can indulge themselves in the following activities during the Festival:

Cycling/Horse Riding


River Rafting


Mountain biking


Cultural Nights


Where to eat? – Restaurants

Mechuka, being a small town, you won’t find high end restaurants here. Few decent restaurants in the Gandhi market area serves basic food items like tea, snacks and their signature Tibetan items.

It’s best to fill your tummies at your homestay which serves varieties of delicious Indian and Tibetan food items. From non veg to veg items, every dish is made with utmost love and care, you won’t miss home in Mechuka. Maggie, Noodles and Momos is found in every corner of the town.


There is no shortage of shops in Mechuka. From jackets, shoes, fancy clothes and basic items, you will find everything to make your stay comfortable.

There are also a few decent gift and souvenir shops with beautiful Buddhist statues and other religious items.


Mechuka is a simple town and doesn’t need loads of money to visit. However traveling to Mechuka is a bit expensive.

If you travel solely on public transport, cost of travel and staying starts from 6000, if you want to expand your visit by going trekking and other activities, it make cost a little extra as you have to pay for a tour guide.

If you have no limit on how much you spend and prefer private transport, travel cost may start from 12-16000 for each trip if traveling directly from Pasighat, excluding accommodations and other activities.

Network Availability:

Except BSNL, no other cell reception is available in Mechuka.

Tribes and Religion:

Memba tribe is the main inhabitants of Mechuka and they follow Tibetan Buddhism being close to Tibetan border. Communities following Donyi Polo and Christianity that are dominant in other parts of Arunachal Pradesh are also present in Mechuka.


The locals speaks in Memba, a bodish language. Hindi is the official language in the area, however English is also spoken here.


Being a small town doesn’t mean the people doesn’t know how to cool off or party. Many wine shops are available in the main market area with varieties to indulge. Also, Alcohol is tax free in the state.

Important Travel Tips

  • Always carry your PAP/ILP.
  • Pack Warm clothes.
  • Carry portable battery charger.
  • Raincoats during monsoons.
  • Carry cash, given only one ATM in the town, it can’t be trusted always.